An Urgent Message
From the Desk of Michael Reagan


Time is running short.

I have been involved in every presidential race since my dad first ran in 1976.

This election may be the most important in my lifetime – and in the great history of our nation.

We are coming to a clear divide in the road.

If the American people take the left side and choose Barack Obama, the path is clear: more government, more socialistic schemes, more regulation, less freedom, and economic stagnation.

America will decline as a great power.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has made clear that he believes in the principles that have made America great: a free people, engaged in their own businesses and private lives, and creating a better, freer, more equal society.

He wants America to remain number one with no apologies!

The choice could not be more clear, yet the polls show the race is close.


Well, Ronald Reagan believed that when the American people are fully informed and have all the facts before them, they will almost always make the right decision.

This election year, making the right decision has been tough – because the liberal, mainstream media are not even concealing the fact they're backing Barack Obama.

Nor do they conceal their hatred for Mitt Romney and his pro-free enterprise, pro-family, and pro-defense policies.

This is why our side has to make sure their messaging – largely through TV, radio, and Internet advertising – has to be crystal clear.

And this is why I have joined with Super PAC for America as their national chairman.

Super PAC will wage a powerful campaign of exposing Barack Obama's lies and distortions, exposing his real record.

It's a terrible one.

Super PAC has one of the great political strategists of our time, Dick Morris, serving as chief strategist.

Dick has proven time and again that he can cut through the media smoke, get the facts out, and change elections.

Already, Super PAC for America has been supported by tens of thousands of Americans.

It is supported by people like you and me, people who are deeply worried about Barack Obama and his radical agenda.

People who want to expose Obama's true record.

Right now, we are planning major media buys in key swing states in the nation.

We urgently need your help to make it happen.

Please donate whatever you can to stop Barack Obama.

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Thank you for standing up for freedom.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Reagan

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