How I Found An Orange Dental Office

I had moved to the Orange County area a few months back. After finding a job and enrolling in insurance, I wanted to find a dentist that I could start going to. I wasn’t sure what my options were since I was new to the area and wanted to find a great dentist.

I figured it would be best to start my search by figuring out which dentist were included in my network. I called my insurance company and asked them which ones were covered. After that, I decided to ask a few people I worked with if they could recommend an Orange dental office. I wanted to see who they went to and since we all have the same insurance, I thought they would be able to tell me about them.

A few of my co-workers mentioned the same dentist. I decided to give them a call to see if they could get me in for a check up. They told me they wouldn’t be able to see me for a few months. I told them I would call them back to make an appointment. After hearing how long it would take to get an appointment with that dental office, I decided to look elsewhere. I wanted to find an office I could get into within the same month, not months down the road.

I called the dentists that were covered in my plan and I was finally able to find an Orange dental office that could get me in within the same week. I made my appointment with them.

I was shocked at how quickly I could get an appointment with this dentist. I went to my appointment and I really liked the dentist and the office staff. It was nice in there because it wasn’t busy and I didn’t need to wait very long. The office was really clean and the rooms had really nice and new equipment in them.

I am glad I found this dentist and could get an appointment so quickly. I didn’t want to wait to see a dentist and I found one that is almost a hidden gem. A great dentist, location and office staff and they are covered by my dental insurance. I set up another appointment with them for a cleaning in 6 months. I am glad I was able to make an appointment here.