What Is Stupor and How to Identify It

A stupor is a state of consciousness where a person is incoherent but still semi-awake. If you try or rousing them they will not readily come to. The cause of a stupor could be due to a medical problem, an illness or an overdose.

What is stupor like and how can you tell if someone is in one? If a person cannot be roused and react to a conversation or they cannot speak, they could be in one. It is a serious medical condition and is always an emergency.

A person who is seriously ill from meningitis, hypothermia, encephalitis, kidney disorders or a stroke could be susceptible to being in this state. A person who has ingested too much alcohol or has overdosed on drugs could also be. It is different from a coma where a person is completely unconscious and unresponsive.

A person can react to stimuli such as vigorous chest rubbing. They cannot speak correctly and their pupils will be wider than normal. The size will not change if they are exposed to light, either.

Their breathing may be fast or very slow. Their muscles will likely contract in odd ways. They must be taken to an emergency room immediately. If you suspect someone is in a stupor, call 911 if you cannot drive them to an emergency room yourself. They must be taken care of

This is an emergency and only medical professionals will be able to tell what is stupor and its severity. The individual will undergo a complete exam including a brain or neurological exam.

The condition will be treated differently based on the determined cause of the stupor. For instance, a patient with dementia may need to be stabilized. A person who has suffered a traumatic injury has to be treated for the injury and then stabilized.