Bolle Prescription Sunglasses Are Perfect For Any Sport

Bolle sunglasses are some of the most popular sunglasses in the world. They are designed primarily for the athlete providing an enhanced experience and a competitive edge. Bolle prescription sunglasses contain the same materials and design edge as Bolle regular sunglasses but are customized to the wearer’s eyeglass prescription. Even though Bolle Rx sunglasses are designed with the elite athlete inĀ  mind, anyone can enjoy the durability and appearance of these great sunglasses.

Prescription Bolle sunglasses are available in almost every style, including single-vision and progressive lenses. All prescription lenses are checked by Bolle certified opticians before they are sent to the customer.

All Bolle sunglasses have designer frames which are modern and sporty and look good on just about everyone. There are several designs available, including the Bolle Kickback, the Bolle Spiral, and the Bolle Sizzle.

The Bolle Kickback is a rimless model which often appeals to those who want a more masculine eyewear. They are very versatile and can be worn mountain biking or walking a golf course. This design features a tighter nose piece which mans they won’t start to slide if you start to sweat.

The Bolle Spiral is a great design for extreme sports. It is also good for harsh conditions such as winter sports. These sunglasses are a favorite of snowboarders and snow skiers because the frames don’t shrink in extreme cold. They also have the Bolle patented ventilation system which keeps the lenses clear do matter how treacherous the weather. The design wraps around the head securing the sunglasses tightly so no light is coming in from the sides. These sunglasses will hold no matter what you are doing and you’ll look great while doing it.

The Bolle Sizzle are great all-around sunglasses. They are designed with sleek styling that streamlines the traditional wrap around style by slimming the sides and lengthening the lenses. These sunglasses serve well as casual everyday sunglasses or to wear while slaloming down the slopes. They stay put no matter what you are doing because of the thoughtful addition of rubber cladding on the tips.

Bolle manufactures every lens with a unique purpose in mind and their prescription sunglasses are no different. Whether high elevation climbing or night skiing, these Bolle prescription sunglasses will fit the bill. The lenses are lightweight yet shatterproof and the Hydralon frames are virtually indestructible. Every pair includes Bolle’s advanced sports lens technology with each pair perfectly created for the sports you love.